Recruitment Week Fall 2019

The Eta Rho chapter accepts applications from current UIC undergraduate students at the beginning of the semester.

Prospective members should fill out our online application. The application must be filled out before signing up for interviews. Prospective members will then be interviewed by our current Brothers, before potentially being offered a bid.

Prospective members are encouraged to attend as many rush events as possible to learn about our organization and to connect with our current members.
— Vice President of Membership

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Recruitment Week?

Recruitment Week is a 5 day-long recruitment process where there is an exchange of information such that potential members learn more about Alpha Kappa Psi, while our brothers learn more about the potential candidates!

Is there a Specific Major Requirement to Join?

No there is not. All majors are welcome and encouraged! However, we only accept undergraduate students.

Is there a specific year requirement to apply?

Not at all! We encourage freshman, sophomores, juniors, and even seniors to rush, as long as you have 2 semesters left before graduation!

Do I have to attend all recruitment events to be eligible for a bid?

While it is not required to attend all recruitment week nights, we do recommend that prospective potential members to attend as many nights as they can. In order to be eligible for a bid, you must submit an application through the “Apply Now” link.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to become a new member in our fraternity. By coming out to Recruitment week, you will be eligible to receive a bid.

If I do not receive a bid, can I apply again in the future?

Yes! You can try as many semesters as you’d like.

What happens once I receive a bid?

Once you receive a bid, you can either accept it, reject it, or defer it to the next semester.