Welcome Tau Class!

Last week Eta Rho finished initiating their newest class of brothers: Tau Class. Tau Class is full of many fun, young professionals who bring many new skills and big personalities to the organization. 


Tau Class has been a lot of fun this semester. From hosting events to just hanging out, this group of unique individuals came together and grew into a family this semester. Throughout the process they learned the value of brotherhood, unity, integrity, knowledge, and service, while also making lifelong friends and memories. 


"My favorite memory was the beach cleanup, and how a simple service event turned into one of the best days in pledgeship."

-Brother Jeff Ringbloom, Tau Class


"A funny story would be when Aaron and I pranked half of Tau Class and convinced people that it was my bday on April Fools Day!"

-Brother Noel Joseph, Tau Class


"Right before midcourt all of Tau class was studying in the library. We were all extremely nervous and I'd thought I'd take a bathroom break to calm down. As I strut out of the bathroom, finally refilled with confidence mind you, I hear a couple of my Pledge buddies laughing at me. In my blind confidence I had managed to walk all the way across the library with pretty much an entire roll of toilet paper attached to my foot. Tau class was 0% supportive. It was awesome."

-Brother Lauren Ryan, Tau Class