Spotlight Brother: Brother Pari Shah

Pari (left) with her Big, Maggie.

Pari (left) with her Big, Maggie.

This week’s Spotlight Brother is Brother Pari Shah. Pari became a Brother in the Spring of 2016 as a part of the Rho class. She currently serves as a warden for the Eta Rho Chapter.

1. What is your favorite memory of AKPsi?

My favorite AKPsi memory thus far would be the day of the beach clean up in Spring 2016. It was a really uncomfortable morning to be outside because of the freezing weather and snow. We couldn't wait to finish picking up trash so we could go have lunch after. It was awesome coming together with brothers after we worked hard and just celebrating our efforts. After this, a few of us got together at my place and continued to hang out and celebrate the fact that we were almost ready to become Brothers. I think the day, overall, was a good reminder that AKPsi is all about working hard together as a team, but also having fun times outside of the hard work and responsibilities we carry out. 


2. If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?

This question is something that's always on my mind. I constantly think back to a younger

version of myself around my early years of college and I take a lot of pride in how much I've

grown as a person. It's one thing when others point out your developments as a person, but

when you realize and can recognize this on your own, it's even more rewarding. If I could

give advice to a younger me, I would have many things to say, probably a whole list that I

constantly add on to every day. To sum it up, I would advise myself to always be wise and

cautious with all my decisions and actions. I would tell myself that it's important to enjoy

the moment, but not get too caught up in it. Additionally, I would add that it's important to

take advantage, early on, of all the opportunities surrounding me and to consistently be

exploring them.

3. Even though you are not a business major, how do you feel AKPsi has prepared you for

your future career?

Even though I am a non-business major, I can excitedly say that AKPsi has influenced me in

tremendous ways. My process was such a distinct part of my AKPsi experience

and developed my skills largely. Coming into AKPsi, I wouldn't say that I had the best

people skills or confidence to vocalize my thoughts and opinions. AKPsi pushed me and

still pushes me to have a voice and say in the actions and experiences around me. This is

something I will definitely continue to utilize in the future. 

4. After leaving Eta Rho, what do you hope brothers will remember about you?

After leaving Eta Rho, I hope that brothers realize that although I was seemingly quiet and

shy at times, I was just honored to always be a part of something that gave me both,

direction, and a purpose. I do hope brothers also remember me breaking out of my shell at

times and having this fun, unique side to me wherever appropriate. 

5. What will you miss most about Eta Rho?

I think I will miss most the opportunities to hold different positions within AKPsi, whether

it is in committees or even smaller roles. To add on to this, I will miss having this overall

presence on campus, with brothers, that represents something more and being recognized

for what we contribute to UIC. I will miss belonging to something and all the individuals

that I have met through AKPsi that all relate to me in some unique way. During my first half

of Undergrad, there were always moments where I questioned my place at UIC and I tried

out various organizations to amend this, but never really came across anything that

resembled a family to me as close as AKPsi has now. AKPsi, without a doubt, was the last

and best part of my UIC experience that brought everything together as I always hoped

something would.

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