Spotlight Brother: Brother Masumi Patel

This week's Spotlight Brother is Brother Masumi Patel. Masu became a Brother with Xi class and has been a key voice in our fraternity ever since. Masumi currently holds the position of Master of Rituals for the Eta Rho Chapter.

1. If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?

I'd tell my younger self to not stress too much over the little things.

2. What will you miss most about Eta Rho?

I'll miss the brotherhood. It's always nice being able to see a brother on campus regardless of the time of day. And always knowing at least one person in your classes definitely made a difference. Overall I'll miss the large network friends I had for help and support whenever I needed it.  

3. What is your favorite quote?

"Always remember: Life is for enjoying"  - Abraham Lincoln

4. Who would you consider your hero?

My dad, he's the one that has always constantly believed in me.

5. How has AKPsi benefited you?

Well, first of all, It has honestly made me into an all-around better person these last three years. If it weren't for becoming a Brother with the Xi (best) class, I would not have met the wonderful people I now call my brothers. They are there for me whether it was homework help or just grabbing a bite to eat. You guys have been wonderful to me and I hope many, if not all, can say the same about me. Secondly, it got me thinking about my future which I would not have never done properly until I graduated. Without the resume reviews and networking events, I would not have been able to develop myself professionally as well as I have.