Spotlight Brother: Brother Andy Sun!

Our Spotlight Brother this week is Brother Andy Sun! Andy is a finance major graduating this semester! He became a Brother in Spring semester of 2016 with Rho class!

What is your favorite AKPsi memory?

My favorite AKPsi memory is when I finally earned my pin with everyone's approval. The process was filled with challenges and difficulties. Seeing my friends and myself overcome all the difficulties and grow brought me so much joy. It felt like coming back from a war with victory.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?

One piece of advice I would want to tell my younger self is to join AKPsi earlier. This is my first semester of being a brother of AKPsi, and also the last one. AKPsi is filled with people with great insight. I could have met more great people and learned much more If I joined earlier.

After leaving Eta Rho, what do you hope brothers will remember about you?

After Leaving Eta Rho, I hope people will remember me as a responsible leader. As a fundraising committee head, I wish to contribute my best effort to AKPsi.

What will you miss most about Eta Rho?

Our fraternity has a strong brotherhood. All the brothers are very helpful, and always are looking out for each other. I will miss all the brothers that I have met and those who helped me along the way.

What is your favorite quote?

"What goes around comes around."

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