Internship Spotlight: Ryan Breach (Finance, Legal Intern)

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The awesome quality the Eta Rho Chapter has is their ability to land awesome internships.

We love seeing how diverse our Chapter members are in terms of their career path! We decided to highlight Brother Ryan’s current internship which focuses on legal and finance. He works closely with a state of Illinois agency that focuses on issuing bonds to their clients.

Ryan crossed with Phi class and Will be graduating this semester with a major in Marketing.

I currently intern at the Illinois Finance Authority as a Finance & Legal Intern. They are a State of Illinois agency that focuses primarily on issuing municipal conduit bonds. We are the bond issuer for 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organizations to help them finance new projects, like constructing a new location for a hospital or a school. We also have a loan program that assists minority, women, disabled, and veteran-owned businesses throughout the state. We also just launched a new program called “PACE,” which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy, which supports renewable energy initiatives in Illinois.


As an intern here, my responsibilities vary depending on the day, but here’s a run down of my last work day:

  • 12:00-2:00pm: I came into the office, which is located in the Bilandic Illinois government building on the corner of Lasalle and Randolph streets. The first thing I did for the day was check my email at my desk and then asked the Associate General Counsel who is one of the lawyers employed in our agency, if he has any projects or tasks for me to complete. I was asked to continue focusing on organizing and indexing legal and financial documents into our online digital filing system.

  • 2:00pm: One of my responsibilities involve sitting in on meetings to write down minutes. The Associate General Counsel and a few other employees at our agency had an upcoming meeting he wanted me to attend.

  • 2:30-3:30pm: The meeting I attended was for our Project Review Committee which has to do with passing and approving bond and/or loan potential projects our agency has recently been a part of. If they are passed by the committee members and financial advisor representatives that we have working with us, then the proposals will then go to the April Board of Directors meeting. After the meeting concluded, I was then able to ask questions about the specifics of a couple of the projects.

  • 3:30-5:30pm: The meeting concludes after about an hour and I was able to take detailed notes about the meeting on who attended and what was discussed. I use these notes to create a draft of the minutes for the committee meeting. I focused on polishing up the draft for the rest of the day. Once the final draft for the minutes were completed, they will then be available for viewing for everyone within our agency.

This is my first internship and even though I am a marketing major, I feel like getting experience in both the finance and legal field has helped jump-start my professional career. I have an interest in local, state, or federal government, so being able to to be apart of a state agency in Illinois gave me exposure in a workplace that operates under a state’s government. Our agency was created by the State of Illinois government so having to comply with all of the guidelines that the state requires showed me an interesting side of this agency.

For whoever may want a similar position that I am currently doing, my advice to them would be

To stay open to any possible opportunities that may come your way. There are many different kinds of positions in government-related fields and getting experience allows you to find what kind of roles you like and ones you may not like.