Brother Spotlight: President Caitrin Clute


Brother spotlight highlights someone who exemplifies everything AKPsi and more,

so it's only fitting Caitrin Clute starts us off as the first brother to be recognized in 2019! Caitrin remains to be the unsung hero who continuously works on bettering our Chapter and the people around her. Shortly after becoming a Brother, she took the Eta Rho chapter by storm by becoming our Secretary, VP of Administration, and now current President. Many can attest she is someone that will be there in a second to help out in any situation and devotes hours/days to helping our chapter grow stronger every week. She is our current President for a reason and we can’t wait to see what else she does this upcoming year.

Thank you for everything you do, Caitrin!

What made you want to join AKPsi?

It’s kind of a funny story: I was in a pretty good mood at UICs Involvement Fair after talking to an organization. I was really considering joining. As I passed the AKPsi booth, past president Jacki Abdul asked me if I had a minute to talk. If I hadn’t been in a such a good mood I’d have lied and said I was late for class. She really made me think about what it meant to be a young professional in today’s world and made me feel like I would be welcome here. I’m a student in the LAS college, so I don’t necessarily learn about business and other skills I’ll need after college. After attending rush events, I found that AKPsi could teach me skills I’d need to succeed that I wouldn’t learn otherwise. I ended up joining AKPsi and actually forgot all about the other org.

What is your favorite AKPsi memory?

It’s so hard to choose! I have so much fun with my brothers! I’ll narrow it down to two: I have two Littles that I love and adore and watching them cross over into the brotherhood (and promptly showering them with gifts) was probably the best feeling in the world.


How has AKPsi changed your mindset towards your success academically, professionally, and personally?

I wouldn’t say AKPsi has changed my mindset about success— I feel as though my experience in AKPsi has validated and enhanced the attitude I already had toward success. AKPsi really has given me the tools I need to actually obtain my vision of the future.

Do you have any internship experience, or accomplishment you’re proud of?

A minimalist piece that I wrote is going to be published in a journal in early Spring. (Can’t say more at the moment)