Brother Spotlight: Yishan Shi, Head of Fundraising Committee!


She makes her presence known,

not because of her voice, but because of her kindness and passion towards helping out the fraternity reach its potential. Many Brothers consider her the “fundraising queen” due to her ability to successfully plan and implement innovative fundraising efforts. The Eta Rho Chapter quickly took note of her determination during her pledging process after she became the VP of Finance for Chi class AND helped raise over $2,200 in fundraising! We’re lucky to have Yishan as a Brother and can’t wait to see her career at UIC blossom even more.

What made you want to join AKPsi?

As an international student, I was extremely shy and not really get involved in college life. After my friends keep graduating and leaving this country, I realized that I can not just stay in my comfort zone anymore. It’s about the time to step out and explore a new community. So I found out AKPsi where I get to build up my professionalism, friendship, and most importantly brotherhood. 

I’ve seen her grow over the past few months into the confident individual that she is today. She has contributed many hours into the Brotherhood planning events, socializing, and helping other Brothers.
— Taylor Han, Brother from Chi Class

What is your favorite AKPsi memory?

The most memorable time with AKPsi would be the 8 weeks pledging process. I had the chance to meet all the brothers that came from different places and study in different majors. They gave me pieces of advice on business professionalism as well as networking tips outside of school. I learned so much from their past experiences. What’s more, our Chi class worked so hard together to fulfill the fundraising goal. We encouraged and helped each other out whenever someone needs a hand. We overcame all the obstacles and grew together like a family. In those 8 weeks, I couldn’t be more certain that I would love to stay in this community and to learn, to grow together with these talented people. 

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How has AKPsi changed your mindset towards your success academically, professionally, and personally?

AKPsi changed me a lot, it's actually more than I thought it could be. I was extremely shy and introverted at the beginning since English is my second language and everything is so different compared to China. However, throughout the process, I built up my communication skills and confidence with the help of my pledge mates, brothers and my big. After crossing over, I feel more confident to talk in English and do an interview with a recruiter. I become less introverted. I find new friends. I figure out my career path and knowing that nothing is impossible once you put your mind into it.


Do you have any internship experience or accomplishment you’re proud of?

I had an internship with last summer in Beijing. I was a Business development intern in JD cloud department. I learned how to negotiate with potential business strategy partners. Within those 3 months, I explored the Chinese e-commerce market and gained a lot of insight into Cloud service and AI technology development. 

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.
— William Butler Yeats