Brotherhood Weekend!

The current Brothers of Eta Rho

The current Brothers of Eta Rho

This past weekend Eta Rho alum and brothers welcomed the newest pledge class, Tau, with a day full of activities at Brotherhood Weekend. The day started off just as any good event does, with a lot of food. Brothers, alum and pledges all enjoyed pizza and protein bars that were generously donated and paid for by Power Crunch.

Since the weather was so beautiful, we decided to spend the rest of the day outside. Once everyone was done eating we moved to the quad for the big little reveal. Every member of the Tau class was given a card with information on it about their big. This information included major, celebrity crush and what food they identify with. Tau class walked around the quad trying to find which brother fit the description on the card.

Once every little found their big, we moved on to the egg drop. For this event everyone was broken up into groups of five or six. Each group was given an egg and a variety of supplies to try and keep their egg from breaking during the drop. For the next 20 minutes groups used straws, tape, streamers, rubber bands and paper to create their contraptions. Some groups simply wrapped their eggs in as many things as they could to cushion its fall while others made parachutes.

When the time was up all teams brought their eggs to the wall on the south side of the quad. Many groups were able to successful keep their eggs from breaking, but we ended with a few cracked eggs as well. The next event got a little aggressive.

Everyone was given a balloon and instructed to tie it around their ankle. The goal of the game was to pop as many peoples’ balloons as possible without getting your own balloon popped. The game got intense rather quickly. Eventually it came down to a standoff between Brother Nidhey and Pledge Joanna.

With the help from a few brothers, Joanna came out the winner. The final game was sharks and minnows. Once that game ended it was time for photos. Everyone had a wonderful time taking photos with their families, pledge classes and alum. While pictures were being taken pledges were able to mix and mingle with brothers.

Overall Brotherhood Weekend was a huge success. Social committee did a wonderful job planning and hosting all the events that day. We would also like to thank Power Crunch again for providing food for the event. For pictures from Brotherhood Weekend make sure to follow us on instagram @uicakpsi and check out our website

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