Brother Spotlight: VP of Administration, Renad Jamal


Brotherhood, Service, Unity, Integrity, and knowledge…

These are the core values of Alpha Kappa Psi and no one exemplifies service more than our VP of Administration, Renad Jamal! In her current role, she’s the right hand woman to our President and is responsible for handling the operations of the Eta Rho chapter. She has also received her Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Psychology in Saudi Arabia and devotes much of her time giving back to her community. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals without her and we’re eternally grateful!

What made you want to join AKPsi? 

I joined Alpha Kappa Psi because I wanted to surround myself with the right kind of people and to find a community that inspires unity and brotherhood.

 What is your favorite AKPsi memory? 

My favorite memory is playing shark tag with the DePaul chapter!

How has AKPsi changed your mindset towards your success academically, professionally, and personally? 

I believe that if you surround yourself with successful people you will become successful too. After joining AKPsi I am surrounded by people who inspire and motivate me to achieve more. So the idea of success seems more reachable than ever.

Do you have any internship experience, or accomplishment you’re proud of? 

I was a Child Specialist Intern at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Spring 2017.