Brother Spotlight: Brother David Robinson!


As a Brother, our main goal is to continuously grow within every aspect of our life…

academically, professionally, and mentally. For Brother David, his growing resume illustrates the attitude every Brother should have in AKPsi! He has committed hours to achieving success both in and out of the classroom; even on the court! (Fun fact: The only Brother that can dunk is David, his goal is to win the championship with the AKPSI co-rec team! + he’s an IM dodgeball champ). He is also part of the Business Scholars and the Black Tech Scholars program at UIC. Professionally, he’s spent time interning for Flagstar Bank HQ and will soon intern for the cyber security department at Deloitte this summer! Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished David!

What made you want to join AKPsi?

My roommate, Brother Ramon, who I met through Business Scholars joined the previous semester with Epsilon Class, I wanted to learn more about the organization.  I shortly decided to rush with my other roommate, Brother Ramesh, because we wanted to meet more people and improve professional skills.


What is your favorite AKPsi memory?

My favorite memory of AKPsi has to be becoming close with my pledge class all of 2018. We had a Friendsgiving right before we all went back home for Thanksgiving break and even now, we continue to learn more about each other.



How has AKPsi changed your mindset towards your success academically, professionally, and personally?

AKPsi definitely widened my scope of opportunities out there and I’ve seen much improvement when it comes to my organizational skills. They really make sure you grow overall through the process and even once becoming Brother. Being surrounded by my motivated Brothers gives me inspiration to achieve my goals and shifted my mind to be more serious/professional compared to before. There’s also a great balance between professional and social which helps me be better able to flip the switch when necessary.


Do you have any internship experience, or accomplishment you’re proud of?

Flagstar Bank HQ – IT internship

I just accepted a Cyber Security internship offer from Deloitte. I’ll be interning there this summer.