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Megan crossed over Fall 2018 with Chi Class, and has been actively supporting the chapter in the Marketing Committee, Social Committee, and always lending a hand when needed. We appreciate you a ton Megan!

Read all about what Brother Megan has to say about her summer internship at Girl Who Code! We’re so happy to hear about what you’ve learned in NYC!

Megan has been a very successful individual as early as her freshman year. She’s constantly learning about new programs and trends in the business world and like all good leader, she strives to educate those around her as well. I’d like to hope that Megan has learned a lot from us upperclassmen because at the same we’ve learned a lot from her. We all know that with her work ethic, she is going to achieve great things.
— Sean Spegar (Tau Class, Spring 2017)


Q&A with Megan

What is your favorite project you worked on this Summer?

This past summer, I got to learn about various email marketing softwares and do some design work, but one of my biggest projects was analyzing data from Campaign Monitor and using Tableau to create data visualizations. That was definitely a highlight for me because I had never used Tableau before so it was great learning how to use this new tool! Even though this internship wasn't really focused on computer science and programming, it was interesting to learn about the communications and storytelling aspect of a brand.

Missing this city so much! The energy is unmatched and you can’t beat such a beautiful skyline
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What is the biggest lesson you learned these past few months?

The biggest lesson I learned from this internship is that it’s okay to not know what you want to do. It’s okay to be interested in multiple things or fields. I used to think that being a jack of all trades and a master of none was a bad thing, but now I’ve come to realize it’s one of my biggest strengths - it’s what makes me an asset to any team. Right now, so early in my career, it’s good to explore different roles in other industries.

How do you spend your time (in general) and how has that affected you personally and professionally?

In my free time, I really enjoy writing, spending time outside, and watching Netflix (obviously), but another one of my big pastimes is going on LinkedIn (I know, I’m such a business nerd). In all seriousness, LinkedIn is such a great platform to find opportunities as well as an excellent news source. I’m always on the lookout to do activities that can help with professional development and go to events that will allow me to engage in new ideas.


What is the best advice your manager or team has given you?

The best advice that my team gave me was to always remain curious. I think this summer really just ingrained the idea of continuous learning and that it’s good to ask questions. You won’t always know the right answer, but if you ask questions and have that inquisitive mindset, you’ll get one step closer to finding an answer, and that’s the goal.


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