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Ada recently crossed over with Psi Class, Spring 2019 and is one of the most hardworking and dedicated brothers in the Eta Rho chapter! She was pledging while taking 21 credit hours, tutored part time, and supported her pledge class all at the same time! During her pledging process, she was the Vice President of her class which meant that she organized philanthropy events, assisted in the fundraising committee, and supported the president of her pledge class in any way possible! The most notable event she organized was the Shamrock Shuffle run, which helped our fraternity raise $100+! Right after she crossed over, she became Philanthropy Head and is a member of the Marketing Committee. Ada volunteered to help revamp the Eta Rho website and drafted up recruitment posters for our upcoming recruitment week!

We are extremely thankful for having Ada be a part of our chapter and contribute so much even while having a busy work/school schedule! Her creative ideas, positive attitude, and involvement cannot be unrecognized! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! Keep up the good work.

- Vice President of Marketing, Tiffany Lu

I am so proud of Ada and who she has become today. She continuously puts in effort in everything that she does. She has spent many hours on updating our website & making out beautiful recruitment posters! I cannot wait to see what she has planned for the future of AKPsi!
— Lauren Trajano (Psi Class, Spring 2019)


Q&A with Ada

What was your favorite event that you took part of?

Prior to joining Alpha Kappa Psi, I have always been interested in rushing for the fraternity, but was intimidated by the professionalism of the Brothers. This was until I participated at one of their volunteer events, Hot Chocolate Run of 2018, as a guest. There, I got to experience the fun and social side of the Brothers and realized how welcoming and inclusive Alpha Kappa Psi is.

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Who is one brother or alumni you look up to and why? 

An alumni that I look up to is Mary Ching. She has been a Brother of Alpha Kappa Psi since freshman year and has stayed active and involved the entire time. Mary is one of the most genuine, caring, and responsible people in my life and I am so glad to have met her through the fraternity. In fact, she encapsulates all of Alpha Kappa Psi’s core values: brotherhood, unity, integrity, knowledge, and service. During the Hot Chocolate Run of 2018, she welcomed me, the outsider, and made sure everybody had a great time. Mary is a big reason as to why I rushed Alpha Kappa Psi and she didn’t even realize her impact at the time.

If you could be any eboard position, which would you be?

I would love and hate to be the Vice President of Marketing. As a marketing committee member, I am very aware of all the responsibilities of our current Vice President of Marketing, Tiffany Lu, and the leadership skills required for the role. The tasks seem overwhelming at times but the satisfaction, team, challenge, and knowing the positive impact it will have on Alpha Kappa Psi makes the position so compelling.

Any advice for the upcoming pledge class?

Be active and involved by attending the many professional, social, and philanthropy events Alpha Kappa Psi offers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Brothers and get to know each other! The process may be challenging at times but you will be proud of yourself by the end of it.


Interested In being a part of Alpha Kappa Psi? We are currently looking for hardworking and ambitious people to join our chapter! Attend Recruitment Week & Sign up for an interview!

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