Happy International Women's Day

Think Equal, build smart, innovate for change.

The 2019 theme for International Women’s Day combines all three principles women have been redefining for decades. This a day that recognizes the innovative ways we can advance gender equality and the empowerment of women, particularly in social protection, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure. The growing impact women have had on technology, business, medicine, and innovation is worth recognizing on a daily basis. As for AKPsi, much of our accomplishments were fueled by powerful women who emulate strength, empathy, and ambition.

The beautiful thing about UIC is its ability to bring influential women together in the classroom and organizations. Female Students of all ages create change through their organizations like Michelle Antonucci for UWN and Luna Awad from the American Marketing Association. They’re prime examples of students who took UIC by storm and left their mark right away.


In honor of International Women’s Day, I wanted to create content that celebrates the women creating change as students of UIC.

I took the time to meet with some of the best leaders from different organizations. I began this project by meeting with the current President for the Undergraduate Women’s Network, Michelle Antonucci. She’s a senior majoring in Finance with tons of experience in leadership, finance, and more! Her work ethic speaks for itself when you see just how much she has been able to grow the UWN and facilitate change as President. Learn more about Michelle!

Next up is Safia Ghouse, the Treasurer for the Undergraduate Women’s Network! She’s a junior pursuing finance and loves to give back to her community through philanthropic efforts. Her bright personality can make anyone feel instantly comfortable. Although her goal is to thrive in Finance, she also hopes to break the glass ceiling for younger women. Learn more about Safia!

To finish off UWN Members, I got the chance to meet with Karina Utyuzh who currently holds the Director of Communications role. She’s also the CEO and President of FCG, as well as leadership for Beta Alpha Psi! She’s a double-major in accounting and finance with a minor in business analytics. Her goal is to become a strong expert in the field of tax and there’s no doubt she’ll be able to accomplish that post graduation! She sets a great example for many students at UIC. Learn more about Karina!


Luna Awad is a Brother of AKPsi who rushed with Chi Class! Outside of the Fraternity, she is killing it in her other organizations like the American Marketing Association and the UWN! She’s the founder of the AMAgency which gives AMA members the chance to take on marketing projects for other organizations on campus! Not only is she a great leader, she also integrates her innovative mind into all the projects she's in! We’re so proud to call her a Brother of AKPsi and it was only right to include her in this project! Learn more about Luna!


As for me, I’m the VP of Marketing for AKPsi and a senior majoring in marketing.

My time at UIC has not been the longest, but I knew I wanted to leave an impact before graduation approaches. My passion has always to create content that make people feel amazing inside and out. Being able to celebrate the women in both AKPsi and other organizations has helped me see just how influential my generation is. I can’t wait to see what else these women do moving forward!

Happy International Women’s Day from Eta Rho!

Video: Alondra Segoviano / Madhu Ganga

Written by: Alondra Segoviano