Brother Spotlight: Alondra Segoviano


Confidence, nowadays, is a hard line to walk-

it’s a rare and special thing to consciously choose to be yourself. Alondra walks into every situation with a steady confidence, a confidence that is uplifting rather than intimidating, and she forces us all to believe in her. She seems to have forfeited the game of acting impressive and instead became impressive - right before our eyes. Alondra is the epitome of what this fraternity stands for; personal sacrifice, growth, and mutual success. That’s why, in her current leadership role as VP of Marketing, she seems to have emboldened all of us to do better. She has not only filled her role, but also seems to be the person we all look to as a leader.

Leadership doesn’t develop overnight. Pain can often lead to the most wonderful growth. Alondra seems to capitalize on pain, to take pain and make it her b*tch (which in theory is easy but in practice incredibly hard). She has managed to maintain a soft and wonderful heart in a world of hard and terrible people, and that is my favorite thing about her, that strong kindness.

Alondra’s work ethic and enthusiasm for her role has reimagined for many of us what it means to be a leader.

We love you girl.

She challenges the norm and constantly looks at how things should be improved. Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.
— Chris Campagna

What made you want to join AKPsi?

Prior to coming to UIC, I had it set in my mind that I wanted to get involved and create a home at a school known for its commuter population. I knew someone who was already a Brother and seeing their growth while at UIC made me see how powerful AKPsi can be on its members. Then during my orientation, Karmina Sanchez (an AKPsi alum) was my tour guide and I remember just how much she was able to accomplish as a transfer as well. Once going to the recruiting events, I knew AKPsi was the place for me to thrive in the business world.

What is your favorite AKPsi memory?

There’s so many memories for me! Hands down, playing in the co-rec league with my team will always take the cake. I played college basketball before coming to UIC so being able to still play and have fun continues to make me so happy every semester. Also, it’s really empowering to see my team support each other and accept anyone on the team even if they’re not Russell Westbrook.

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How has AKPsi changed your mindset towards your success academically, professionally, and personally?

During the spring and fall of 2018, I found myself doubting my ability to succeed as a marketing student because of how prominent the “marketing major” is at UIC. Thankfully, I was able to be surrounded by amazing Brothers that taught me to push myself past the self-doubt and apply for the big companies, approach the top executives. I knew I was going to make my time at UIC meaningful, but I give a lot of that credit to AKPsi. This fraternity has put me in situations where I had to decide “am i going to give up or try harder?” and through these experiences, I’ve shaped to be someone I wished of at 14.

Do you have any internship experience or accomplishment you’re proud of?

I currently intern for Crate and Barrel as their social media intern! I help manage all their social profiles, as well as influencer relationships. I’m super proud to be the VP of Marketing for AKPsi honestly. AKPsi has given me so much in terms of friendships, professionalism, and confidence as a young professional so it's only right I give back as much as I can as e-board. *peace sign*

Alondra is someone who is really energetic and can brighten up a room. People think she’s really tough on the outside, but once she opens up to you she’s a softie and really caring and encouraging to everyone.
— Brother Ramesh

Written: Grayson L