Spotlight Brother: Brother Yuuka Ikeshita


Yuuka is a constant reminder to us all that professionalism does not stem from intimidation or authority, but rather from warmth and intelligence. As a leader, she has taken on a variety of roles within AKPsi, including Phi class president and VP of Professional Development. In both positions she has worked consistently to improve the fraternity and support her fellow brothers (and I mean consistently, this girl never stops). Yuuka was the industrial-strength glue that held our Phi class together when we were all on the verge of a mental collapse. She is someone who leads with grace and empathy, a natural born influence on others. If you want to see what brotherhood looks like, look to her.

A Q&A with Brother Yuuka:

What was your favorite AKPsi memory?

“When we were all lined up at Midcourt and we found out that no one got dropped. I guess I got discouraged at the beginning of the pledging process because a few people dropped immediately and I wasn’t able to help them. At Midcourt, we had all grown closer and I really didn’t want to see anyone go, so it was a huge relief that we all made it.”

Any recent accomplishments or internship experience?

“Over the summer I had an IT internship with a real estate investment firm. Going into it, I knew nothing about real estate, but I was able to learn a lot about both real estate and IT. It was my first internship, so I was able to gain a ton of experience that I hadn't had previously such as project management.”

Favorite quote?

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Thanks for everything you do Yuuka. We are all so grateful to know you.