Rush Week Rundown & Interviews


Our biannual search for new members has commenced! Rush Week, a four-day information and activities seminar, allowed brothers and potential pledges a chance to mingle and build relationships. Games were played, snacks were had, chew toys were assembled, and we all came out of the week feeling confident in the group of individuals that were interested in Alpha Kappa Psi. Enthusiasm and curiosity were the defining factors of the group, every successive day proving to be more fulfilling and entertaining. It’s an exciting time for us as brothers, as professionals, and as friends.

Following Rush Week, interviews began. As a professional organization, the interview portion of rushing is a vital step in improving basic business skills and also allows us to determine how well an individual will fit within the fraternity. Our brothers interviewed potential pledges for three days in order to get a genuine grasp of their personalities and intentions. Acting as real interviewers, we considered everything said during the interview and relayed that back to the group in order to get a full profile of each potential member. Finally, after undergoing dozens of awkward interviews ourselves in stuffy office buildings, we held the power. “Power” being a predetermined list of carefully thought out and concise questions, but still. Let us have this.

As this week draws to a close, we are getting close to announcing the new group of pledges for Fall 2018. It’s hard to articulate the enthusiasm this new group gives us as brothers who have a passion for this organization, but I’ll ramble on until I think I’ve covered it (apologies in advance). These new faces and personalities remind us of when we were pledges, sweating through our “business professional” attire, running rampant around campus, attempting to rectify awkward brother encounters, redoing our resumes, redoing our cover letters, redoing our resumes three more times, and setting up a permanent residence in the library. Somewhere in the midst of all that chaos, we met people that became our best friends. We laughed so hard so many times between the complaints and constant stress. We became better people and better professionals. Envisioning the new group of pledges going through this process, we are confident in their infinite potential and cannot wait to demonstrate to them what Alpha Kappa Psi really means.

This is the starting point. From here, the process starts to take shape.

Dun dun duuuuuuu. (cue “impending doom” type music).