Internship Spotlight: PwC Start Internship

A key value of our fraternity is knowledge.  Considering that we are a business professional fraternity, the best way to gain knowledge in the professional world is to have an internship  The following post will take you on a journey of Brother alumnus Keenan Artis, Brother Yaritza Velasquez, and Brother Christopher Campagna.


Keenan Artis - Keenan has worked with PwC this past three summers.

What is the PwC Start Internship?

The Start Internship is a program for underrepresented minorities to get pipelined into client-service roles with the firm, with that being audit, tax, or advisory. Every year, PwC sends their start interns to training in which is usually in Atlanta, and culminates with the interns potentially being offered a client-service internship or another start internship depending on their graduation date

How was the interview process for you?

My interview process was a little different from the way they go about it today. My first interview was a phone interview, then my second and final interview was an on-site, 3 back-to-back interviews with client-service managers. Today, the first interview is held in school and the second interview is held virtually through google hangouts.

What was the biggest value you got from the internship?

It’s difficult to identify the “biggest value” in this internship for I felt that all of my learning experiences were necessary aspects to where I am now and expanded the possibilities of where I see myself going. But, If I had to choose one, it would have to be personal branding. I think this internship was the foundation that allowed me to build my own set of unique values, such as my own leadership style.

What would you recommend to future out-seekers for PwC or other accounting firms?

For those seeking out any internship, and especially prestigious firms - such as the Big Four accounting or major banks, the most important quality to instill within yourself is your confidence with your genuine self. Because at the end of the day no one can ever beat you at being you! And that is greatest weapon!


Yaritza Velasquez - Yaritza has been a PwC Start intern this past three summers.

How was the interview process for you?

The interview process began with a phone interview to determine if I was the right candidate for the position. Then I went to the office for an office visit, and 3 half hour interviews with different managers and directors from different departments from the firm. I was able to hear back from them within two days of the interviews. (I know the process for this is different now).

What was the biggest value you got from the internship?

The biggest value is network I was able to create with the fellow start interns. Most of the people I interned with my first year are still friends of mine all from different schools and backgrounds. It's been amazing to be able to see where their career has progressed and also their life in general.

What would you recommend to future out-seekers for PWC or other accounting firms

My biggest recommendation would be to just go for it. Don't let anyone say "you're too young" or "too inexperienced". The whole point of an internship is to learn and develop yourself. So always try, ask, and do.


Christopher Campagna - Will be an intern with PwC starting Summer of 2019

How were you introduced to PwC and their Start Internship?

The first time that I was introduced to PwC was for a case competition that I participated in as a sophomore. The people that I met and the interest that the firm took in us really made me want to stay in touch and learn more about PwC. I was first introduced to the Start Internship program through colleagues who had previously completed it. I reached out to them about their experiences and felt that it would be a good fit for me.

What would you say was the biggest factor in landing the internship?

Throughout the recruiting process, I tried to be as proactive as possible by reaching out to recruiters about possibly putting me in touch with employees who are working in service lines that I was interested in. I find that being open and honest to recruiters about what you are looking for in a company is key to building a relationship with them. You should be prepared to not only ask yourself the question, “What can I do for this company?” but also, “What can this company do for me?”

Any advice for students looking for an internship?

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I received throughout my recruiting process was that, “It is not about who you know, but who knows you.” I am extremely grateful to my mentors Yaritza Velasquez and Keenan Artis for all the knowledge that they gave me throughout the process. Being able to talk to others who have been in or are in the position that you are striving for is paramount in landing any job/internship.

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